Case Study:
Text Design, Inc.

How a Small Business Offers Family-Friendly Flexibility

Text Design, Inc., located in Frederick, Maryland, is a small business with a ECE-friendly culture built around flexibility and communication. This small graphic design studio offers its employees flexible hours and anytime work-from-home access.

“We are a family company, so we understand the need to be available as needed for our kids,” says president Christina Renshaw.

When Renshaw founded the company in 1990, her own children 6and 8, and her husband was dealing with an illness at the time. She understood firsthand the challenges faced by working parents with young children. 

“I started the business so I could set my own hours and be available for my kids and husband,” she explains.

According to Renshaw, flexibility is what makes employees happy, and many small businesses have the ability to build a culture so that staff members hear, see, and practice the flexibility to take care of their family’s needs.

Text Design only has a handful of employees, so flexible scheduling and teleworking must be balanced with an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding service to every client.

“The work still has to get done, but it’s important that employees have balance with their family responsibilities,” Renshaw says. “If given the opportunity to be involved, employees will find way to make sure their work is accomplished because they feel more appreciated.”