Case Study:
Clear Impact

Scheduling Flexibility Aids Recruitment and Increases Loyalty

Clear Impact, a performance management company located in Rockville, Maryland, offers scheduling flexibility for its 16 employees, allowing staff to manage their own schedules and work from home when necessary.

Clear Impact provides performance management software, training and services to help government agencies, non-profits, communities, and foundations track the performance of their programs, measure the impact of their funding, and report on the progress of their missions to improve the lives of children, families and communities worldwide.

As an expert in performance management and Results-Based Accountability, CEO Adam Luecking sees the value of family-friendly policies with respect to attracting and keeping employees.

“We have a lot of young staff and we knew that if we wanted to recruit star employees with families, we needed to have family-centered policies that are reflective of realities in their lives,” Luecking says. “This makes people more loyal and makes them want to work for you.”

Team members at Clear Impact manage their own time, coming and leaving when they choose and working from home when they need to. “They just need to make sure they get the work that’s needed done in a timely manner,” Luecking says. “If you hire the right people, flexible scheduling can work.”

Luecking is also a parent, so he understands why this benefit is so important. “I have four kids and live 2.5 miles from the office. I appreciate being able to attend to family issues, and we want to provide the same flexibility for all staff,” he says.

In addition to scheduling flexibility, Clear Impact also covers 100% of health insurance premiums for employees and their families, offers short-term disability insurance for new mothers, and provides two weeks of spousal leave for new parents that can be used flexibly.