Case Study:
Chevo Consulting

Supporting Work-Life Balance for Working Parents

Chevo Consulting, LLC, in Rockville, Maryland, prides itself on providing a supportive, family-friendly culture. As part of its benefits package, this management consulting firm offers a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Chevo was founded in 2002 by Zaina Sahady, CEO, and Phil Sahady, president. From the beginning, this husband-wife team valued life-work balance.

“The more benefits we can offer employees that can support their work and life, the more we benefit,” explains Leslie SIngman, director of human resources and recruiting at Chevo.

A Dependent Care FSA (which has many similarities to the more familiar Health Care FSA) Is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for dependent-care expenses. Funds contributed to this type of FSA can be used to pay for child care for children under age 13.

The company promotes its Dependent Care FSA during new-hire orientation, and employees have the opportunity sign up when they come on board and during open enrollment each year.

The Dependent Care FSA is just one component in a full benefits package and flexible workplace programs offered by Chevo to support work-life balance and provide its employees with greater security.

For instance, the company currently has 65 team members, so it is covered by the federal Family Medical and Leave Act, which applies to most workplaces with more than 50 employees. However, even when Chevo had fewer than 50 employees, it voluntarily followed FMLA guidelines for parental leave and other benefits.

“The feeling at Chevo is that we understand that life happens in the midst of working and we try to accommodate that,” Singman says.