5 Ways to Take Action in 5 Minutes

Jumpstart your ECE efforts with some easy things you can do today.

While some ECE-related endeavors can require a larger investment of time and resources, there are many things you can do quickly and easily – even in the next 5 minutes!

Here are 5 fast ways to share ECE information with employees and colleagues, expand your own knowledge, and lay the groundwork for future learning and conversations.


Take 5 minutes to download our flyer on How to Find High Quality Child Care and post it in your workplace.

Post this flyer in high-traffic areas where employees will be sure to see it – by the copy machine, in the break room or lunchroom, and in your HR resource area if you have one.

In the future, also include this information in new-hire packets and your employee handbook.

Download Flyer (English)
Download Flyer (Spanish)

Take 5 minutes to share the parent resource pages in this Toolkit with your employees.

Simply share this link: ecetoolkit.org/resources/parents

The link will take employees to a landing page where they can explore the three pages in this Toolkit that provide resources specifically for parents.


Take 5 minutes to follow some ECE experts on social media.

Adding leading voices on ECE issues to your social-media mix will help keep you informed about trends in early care and education, child care policy, and childhood development.

Here are some good groups to follow, along with links to sign up for e-newsletters, which is another easy way to stay informed.

Maryland Family Network

Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Build Initiative

The Heckman Equation

We also invite you to follow the ECE Toolkit!


Take 5 minutes to read our ECE Business Case.

Here’s the link: ecetoolkit.org/business-case

If you find the information valuable, share the link to the ECE Business Case page with one or more colleagues in your workplace, and one or more colleagues in the larger community.  

Want to take a deeper dive into the business case for ECE and some compelling research on why ECE is an economic imperative? Check out these reports:


Take 5 minutes to schedule a “State of ECE” meeting with managers and team leaders.

Make a commitment today to have a in-depth discussion in the next three months about your organization’s current and future ECE efforts.

Encourage your team to think about how ECE fits into your strategic plan and goals. Ask them to prepare for the meeting by gathering data and examples on how child care needs and challenges may be impacting employee recruitment, retention, and productivity.

Invite some employees who have young children to be part of the discussion, either by attending the meeting, or by sharing their experiences with a manager.

Case Study

How a Small Business Offers Family-Friendly Flexibility

Text Design, Inc., located in Frederick, Maryland, is a small business with a ECE-friendly culture built around flexibility and communication. This small graphic design studio offers its employees flexible hours and anytime work-from-home access.